Depression, Like Glass in Your Tire

Coming soon is the next part of my struggle and it deals with this exact issue. I’m hoping that my journey with my bike will help heal my mind as well as my body. Thanks for touching on this important subject.

Bike and Brain


Your BIKE transports you, your BIKE stabilizes you, and your BIKE relieves you. You understand your bike as a single unit with unlimited potential. However, as you know, your bike is made up of many parts. There is the chain, brakes, handlebars, shifter, clips, cables, and many other mechanisms that help the bike function. Some bikes have more parts than others, and some parts may not be crucial, but every bike can be broken down into pieces. Without the collaboration of parts, a bike can become a jumble of useless metal.

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To ‘Bit’ or not to ‘Bit’? (Guest Post)


by Ange B

A few weeks or so back I was wondering whether an activity tracker would be a worthwhile purchase. I am generally wary or gadgets and so, when I first heard about these new super-charged pedometers my initial thoughts were that they appeared to be yet another way for people to compete, compare and generally feel they’re not doing ‘enough’.

That was a year ago and at the time I was struggling with both anxiety & fatigue as a result of a mistreated thyroid disorder. Not wanting to set myself up for another failure, I stayed well clear of the gadgets and the hype. A year on (and thankfully, chronic anxiety and fatigue free) I have come around to another line of thinking. Or perhaps, I believe I now possess the tools I need to prevent this little tool taking over my life. These being, an appreciation for…

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Cycling is Not Expensive! Well…

Awesome post. I totally agree. The process you just explained is exactly how I entered the sport, frugally. Also check your local area for shops that sell used gear.

Fit Recovery

I stumbled on a search query a few days ago that led someone to my site that bummed me out a bit:

“Cycling is expensive”

There is no doubt that cycling can be expensive; some avid cyclists can drop $10,000-$20,000 on one bike, let alone all of the necessary equipment that goes with it. Helmet, shorts, jerseys, shoes, pedals, socks, gloves, glasses and maintenance equipment. Then you still have to worry about a rainy day bike and cold weather clothing!

For most of us though, cycling is just a touch more attainable and unless you’re planning on going pro, it’s more about the engine than the bike anyway. Until today I had a fourteen year-old carbon Trek 5200 that I bought used for less than a decent entry-level bike and it was good enough that I could ride with just about anyone. A couple of pairs of cheap cycling shorts…

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Can The Bike Truly Help? Or Are You Just Obsessed?

This article shows the power a bike can possibly be. It’s very encouraging when you see others that have kind hearts.

Bike and Brain

As I begin taking the next steps to turn Bike and Brain into a tangible non-profit, I find myself pondering all the ways a bike can make a true difference. I can think of many obvious benefits, but one news story recently really brought the bikes true power to light.
If you are anyone who trolls the Internet you should know who James Robertson is.

via ABC News

James is a 56-year-old man from Detroit who just went viral. James, for the past decade, has been walking about 21 miles (roundtrip) to and from work everyday. He walks through all 4 seasons and has never missed a day in his career. James explained that his car had broken down about 10 years ago. He was unable to afford a new one, which is when he began walking.

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Everything I Need To Know I learned in……….. The Last Week

This post was very informative, and appreciated. Being a newbie post like this always helps to point the way.Thanks

Secondary Roads


Kindergarten was great, but I don’t recall learning a single thing about cycling.  Odd, right?  In fact, as I’ve become more and more enthused (some would call it obsessed) with riding, I’ve often found it somewhat difficult to advance my knowledge.  The internet is great, or can be, but you always have to take the info with huge chunks, vice grains, of salt.  Especially when many of the “reviews” are posted by shops selling the very gear they are reviewing.  Little wonder it’s suddenly the greatest piece of gear since the invention of the left-handed smoke shifter.

I’m currently in the market for some upgrades to my road bike.  Ok, I’m ALWAYS in the market for new bike toys, but at the moment I am actually committed to spending money on new wheels.  While scouring the interwebs I happened to stumble across what I have quickly come to consider THE BEST INFORMATION…

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Tour de France winner Vincenzo Nibali’s team may lose license


Astana, the cycling team of Tour de France winner Vincenzo Nibali, could have its license to compete this year revoked following an International Cycling Union (UCI) request after a doping investigation of the team.

The UCI said Friday it “strongly believes” it has “compelling grounds” to request Astana’s license be withdrawn by a licensing commission. The announcement came after the UCI reviewed a report regarding Astana’s “anti-doping culture, policies, structures and management systems.”

The UCI said the report revealed a “big difference between the policies and structures that the team presented to the license commission in December and the reality on the ground.”

Five Astana senior and development squad riders were caught doping with EPO and steroids since August, according to The Associated Press.

The Italian Nibali was not one of them, but he may not be able to defend his Tour title as an Astana rider in July…

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High Carb Vegan Diet

I have read a few articles about this. I find the concept to be worth looking into further.

Power Meter Cyclist

When you eat carbohydrates it is a common misconception that you will put on weight.

However carbs are burned in the body once they enter whether they come from simple Sugars or complex carbs.
The carbs are burned within 6 to 10 hours of entering the body. If excess carbs enter the body they are converted to heat in a process called thermogenesis.

Carbs are thought to make you fat because insulin is produced by the body when sugar enters and this causes any fat to be stored. However if you eat no fat there is no fat to be stored and you don’t put on weight.

The fat you eat is the fat you wear!

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Garmin Edge 1000

Learning about new equipment.

Power Meter Cyclist


The garmin edge 1000 is garmin’s top of the range gps cycling computer as I’m sure you know. It was released in early 2014.

In December, I got myself this computer and have been trading it since.

I was sceptical about buying this computer because of the price and the battery life. However in the end I decided on this I over the edge 810.

Some of the features have proved very useful to me. The first is the live track.
When out cycling my parents can keep an eye on where I am, at any time. It gave them the peace in mind knowing that I was okay. There were a few blips where connection failed, however I believe this was down to my phone signal being weak.

Another feature that got a decent amount of use was the virtual partner and segments.
When I purchased this computer, I…

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