Everything I Need To Know I learned in……….. The Last Week

This post was very informative, and appreciated. Being a newbie post like this always helps to point the way.Thanks

Secondary Roads


Kindergarten was great, but I don’t recall learning a single thing about cycling.  Odd, right?  In fact, as I’ve become more and more enthused (some would call it obsessed) with riding, I’ve often found it somewhat difficult to advance my knowledge.  The internet is great, or can be, but you always have to take the info with huge chunks, vice grains, of salt.  Especially when many of the “reviews” are posted by shops selling the very gear they are reviewing.  Little wonder it’s suddenly the greatest piece of gear since the invention of the left-handed smoke shifter.

I’m currently in the market for some upgrades to my road bike.  Ok, I’m ALWAYS in the market for new bike toys, but at the moment I am actually committed to spending money on new wheels.  While scouring the interwebs I happened to stumble across what I have quickly come to consider THE BEST INFORMATION…

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