Sufferfest and HRM – Training Game Changers

Critical Cyclist

Prior to investing a little more into indoor training, I just used videos on YouTube, a basic cycling computer, and general feel for how much effort I was putting in. That was all fine, but a lot of the videos on YouTube are either too short, too long or too boring.  GCN videos are great in terms of the workout, but a lot of the time you’re just watching a spin class.  Also, without the HRM, there was no way to really tell how I was doing, besides how much I needed the towel and how many litres of water I got through.

I’d heard a lot of good stuff about Sufferfest, but didn’t really want to get into that until I bought a HRM, as so much of the videos are around effort levels, and you can gauge this so much better if you know your heart rate. So…

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