They all say that, she said…


I had spent the best part of January gym-cycling as a more agreeable alternative to venturing out on potentially lethal icy roads. Then the bug kicked in and nothing happened for about 3 weeks. A real downer but I felt I had enough residual fitness not to have lost too much momentum.

However, venturing out into the chill winter sunshine, my first real ride this year was a slog. I puffed and panted like a hopeful for the Christian Grey stage role. I was not happy and pretty deflated, I admit, even allowing for the fact that I was probably shedding the bug.

Gym equipment can be terrifying to comprehend. They often resemble Heath Robinson contraptions designed as instruments of torture rather than cleverly evolved fitness apparatus. I considered all these wondrous things at my disposal – and it was clear after my first ride that I might need to…

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