Thank you, Lance Armstrong (an ode to liberation theology)

Let me start of by saying I am by no means perfect, nor do I subscribe to one specific theology (don’t believe in division). I do believe in a higher power than ourselves. I say God others have other synonyms for the same. No judgment by me. This post made me stop and think this morning. It made review my thoughts on how I view others and give them power in my life. Also it reassured me that the kindness I try to extend to all is not in vain. I have not seen the documentary/ movie yet maybe out of fear of losing my faith in man/woman. To not disappoint is to not be human. We are all weak. Maybe I can’t let go of the hope and pride I felt when I watch a fellow person triumph their struggle. Maybe I like to believe that god works in mysterious, sometimes unexplainable ways. We humans tend to forget that we are all human. Faulty in some way. Ones faults no greater than another. Or maybe God used the weakness of one to empower countless others to do good. How many people has LiveStrong helped? Millions. I’m not condoning his actions, morals, or motivations. I just think that we have to look at the ying and yang of things. I believe strongly in the duality of things. There is always something good in something bad, as there is always something bad in something good. We can’t have one and not the other. Lance made terrible mistakes but which one of us mere mortals hasn’t on our personal journeys? We will never forget but I think that we were told somewhere to forgive those who trespass against us. Let’s dwell on the good of the situation and not give power to the negative. I lost someone very dear to me because of the most unbiased, uncaring of diseases, Cancer. I’m sure that money and awareness raised by LiveStrong in someway helped keep my 7 year old goddaughter here with us until she knew our hearts and minds were capable of accepting and dealing with her absence. So to Lance, I hate the bad you have done but I do recognize the good that came from your weaknesses. We all have our roads to take. May your choices be well and if not may you find forgiveness on your way. Thank you author for giving me something to ponder this morning.

Daily Theology

In the summer of 2004, Lance Armstrong was God.  The Tour de France raged from July 2 to July 25 that year, and I watched every minute.  I had just graduated from Air Force ROTC and Georgetown University, and I had about 8 weeks before I had to report at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, TX.  Being generally an active person, and living at home with my parents, I ran and I biked.  And, if you followed cycling at all in 2004, Lance Armstrong was its name.  A cancer survivor who comes back to win, at that time, 5 of the most grueling races ever invented?  Lance was superman, he was the prototype of Americana, the epitome of what the human body and hard work could do.

Lance Armstrong Covers, 2001, 2002, 2004 Years of glory and godliness. A sampling of covers from 2001-2004.

There was no getting around the glory.  And I, on the verge of serving…

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