To the woman who tutted at me using the disabled toilets…

I actually cried to hear your story. I’m sorry for all the ignorant people in this world. Thank you for sharing. So many of us need to learn that most people’s hurt is unseen. That assuming makes an ass out of you, the assumer. It hurts me deeply that people are so cruel to each other. HELLO PEOPLE WE ALL ARE THE SAME. NO ONE OF US IS IMMUNE TO THE TRAILS OF LIFE. SO PLEASE SHOW SOME F’ING COMPASSION, EMPATHY FOR ONE ANOTHER. It can always be you in any situation.

So Bad Ass

Dear lady who loudly tutted at me using the disabled loos,

I know you saw me running in, with my able bodied legs and all. You saw me opening the door with my two working arms. You saw me without a wheelchair. Without any visible sign of disability.

You tutted loudly as I rattled the handle with my hands that work perfectly and my able voice call to my kids that I’d be out in just a minute.

My lack of wheelchair may have suggested to you that I was some lazy cow who didn’t care. Some inconsiderate bitch who was using something I wasn’t entitled too. (I actually carry a card to explain that I’m entitled to and have a disability key if you’d have cared to ask). You may have seen my face blushing as I caught your eye and assumed I was showing guilt at blagging the…

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