What does a bad day look like?

My thoughts and prayers are with you. Thank you.

Cherish the Journey

Recently I’ve was asked about what does a bad day dealing with chemotherapy and its effects on my body feel like.

My lungs hurt when I take a deep breath. My skin is so dry that my iPhone 6 no longer recognized my thumbprint and I had to rescan it. Having clothes touch my body drives me nuts but it’s too damn cold to walk around naked! 😉 I don’t really mind anymore that I’ve lost the hair on my head but I mourn the loss of my eyelashes and eyebrows. My muscles get cramps and I’m cold to my core most of the time. On the really bad days, my body hurts all over as pain shoots through my bones.

I like endurance sports. When I’m healthy, I run marathons and half-marathons. In the past we’ve ridden endurance rides with our horses and this year we have targeted lots of races we want…

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