So Busy….

missed youSorry for my brief absence. I’ve had a whirlwind going on. The storm has calmed to a nice little breeze, now. Hope all is well with you ladies and gents. I’ve been able to do physical therapy. Hips are feeling much better. So, the good news is I’ll be on my bike real soon. Hope within the next week.

velo1Today my mind’s ramblings have been about getting back on the road, the wind in my locks…. But something that happened in my area gave me pause. There was a report on the news a couple days ago that had me thinking of SAFETY!!! A gentleman was riding his bike and was struck by a vehicle and the vehicle fled the scene. I individual left behind an injured person on the side of the road without a thought. This has been on my mind. What are my safety precautions? Is my safety plan enough? I map my rides, inform others of my whereabouts, wear bright clothes and reflective gear,safety gear (helmet, gloves, eye protection, cell phone,etc.) try not to ride at night, I swear by my Road ID Bracelet (there are other options too). Which brings me to this. What do you guys do to insure your safety? What are your safety plans? I would love to hear them.

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  1. bribikes says:

    Aside from what you have already mentioned I have a quality lighting system for biking in the dark and/or situations with low visibility.

    I try to bike very defensively and never assume that cars are going do what they are supposed to do. My mantra on the road is, “Don’t give cars the chance to hit you.” Pausing to make sure I have been seen by drivers at an intersection is always worth it in my book.

    I am so excited for you, get out on those roads and have fun!

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  2. bgddyjim says:

    3% of bike accidents happen with the cyclist getting rear ended by a car when riding in the proper lane. By contrast 67% occur when cyclists ride in the wrong lane. Also, there is safety in numbers. Beyond that, what Bribikes says.


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