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Hope all is well. Just a quick question for you. How do you deal with the spring allergens and ride? 


The little things

Rebecca Taylor Writes

Cursed with a brain that leaves little time for rest and a constant need to occupy my time, my mind can fill itself with any number of random thoughts in a day.

The problem is when it leads to feelings of anxiety and modern societies glorification of being ‘busy’. I’ve been putting in a concerted effort for the past year or so to push back against this norm, slow down and learn to appreciate the little things, because as American writer Kurt Vonnegut warned, “enjoy the little things in life, because one day you’ll look back and realise they were the big things”.

I’m beginning to see the truth in this more and more everyday. What makes me look back and smile during those stressful times in the day? What do I cling to when I need a little push or reminder of how sweet life is?

It’s waking up…

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Lucky Number 7

A girl and her bike.....

Seven has always been my number. And of course there is always the mysticism behind it that intrigues me. And this month marked 7 months of cycling for me.  I marked the occasion by riding up to Ouray Colorado, often referred to as the Switzerland of America, and a few miles up Red Mountain Pass. I put in about 26 miles for the day, and reflected as I rode home in a nasty spring headwind, how much stronger I have become. This year marks 7 years since my separation and eventual divorce, and I never at that time would have seen myself where I am now.

Cycling has given me strength in numerous ways. In the obvious way, physically I am stronger than I have been since becoming a mom. I weigh 2 pounds less than I did when I got pregnant with Hailey over 10 years ago. That fact, confirmed…

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The secrets of faster recovery from training…

Thanks. I see a lot of cheese in my future. As I will be riding a lot to get in shape.


So as many of you will know I have just returned from a brilliant training camp in Denia, Spain.  The focus of this camp was cycling, and in 6 days I managed to cover over 700km, with nearly 8,000m of climbing, in just over 25 hours of riding!

Cycling with Train in Spain The roads around Denia in Spain provide excellent training which is why Sportstest, like many pro cycling teams, use the area for training camps.

If nothing else, it left me with tired legs, and many of the other riders on the camp were complaining of the symptoms of “over-reaching“, but I have found the ULTIMATE SOLUTION to ENSURE RAPID RECOVERY from training….

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Recovering Well


Hello all…. So nice that you, friends are still hanging in with me. Today I had a goal in mind. Get my bike ready. Yes I’m happy to say that tomorrow is the day. The day I plan to return to my bike. YAY, YAY!!!! I’M SO STOKED. It’s been a long time to be away from something I love. Almost 6 months. The hips are feeling better, my back is so so, my therapist assures me I will be okay. So we are going for it. Had a set back this morning(said bad words under my breathe). My tires needed air and I pulled out my new foot pump thinking this was going to be a cinch. Wrong. The nozzle didn’t fit the stem nor did the adapter. Bleep, Bleep. What was I going to do? I didn’t want to drag it to the bike shop just for air. Then I remembered I had purchased a hand pump to go on my bike in case I had a flat. Never thought of using it before. Worked like a charm. Now she is ready to go for tomorrow. Crisis avoided. But this goes to show how important a mini pump is. I was at home but could very well have been out and about. Now that it is riding season for lots of us. Check your equipment and gear so you can be ready. Tomorrow is suppose to be like today. Awesome. I love the Carolinas.


A runner must have….Road ID Tag! Do you have one?

I totally agree. I cycle and have had one for a year. A friend of mine told me that I absolutely needed one. One saved her life one day she was in a bad accident. It can save lives.


Are you a runner, walker, or cyclist? Someone who hikes possibly? Someone who has an allergy or possibly someone who works in the service industry: police, fire, EMS, military? If so, have your heard of Road ID? If not, you need to look into this!

They offer customizable ID tags for all of the above and more. I typically run with a group but sometimes I am alone. And, if the unthinkable happened and I were injured, this ID tag gives the EMS my chosen contacts and important information in case I were not able to convey this information. They have tags for your shoe, for a bracelet, anklet, as well as necklace.

Also, if you have children, these are great to purchase for your children to wear when you go on vacation, or even school field trips. This way if they were to get lost, your contact information would be…

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One Year TT Record: Steve Abraham knocked off his bike!

Tempo Cyclist - Tasmania

After riding a mammoth 16,000+ miles so far this year chasing the one year time trial record, Steve Abraham has been knocked off his bike by an inattentive moped rider. Earlier today there were reports that he had been in an “incident” and the bad news was confirmed this afternoon. This statement was taken from his Twitter feed:

“Sad to announce that 8:10am Steve was ridden into by a moped. Steve tried to carry on but stopped in Wellington. He was collected by one of the team and taken to hospital.

He has 2 broken bones in his ankle and is currently in plaster. It is looking highly likely that he will require an operation to have a plate and screws.”


We all know Steve is one tough cookie, it takes a certain kind of madman to chase a record as crazy as the year. The current record is 75,065 miles…

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