You folks know, I love going to goodwill. I hate the idea that there is a lot more stuff that is thrown away that could come to facilities like these. I’m conscious of the earth around me. The idea of it being a big junk yard because the landfills are so full of stuff others can use irks me. Okay I’m stepping of my box now. I’m also very, very frugal. There are things that you wouldn’t expect to find there but come to realize it’s a wonderful way of saving them. My big example … BOOKS… I’m an avid reader. Before the fire I had a great little library. I had been sad about the loss of so many great books. I thirst for knowledge, the smell of actual pages, the feel of a book in your hand. Call me old-fashioned. Yes I do have the gadgets of today, but they are not the same. Fast forward to now, I have amassed a formidable small library thanks to goodwill. Bringing some happiness that was lost back. Will take pictures as soon as I get organized.

This week’s adventure brought a big smile to my face as I found a bike for $20. Sure it needs a little love but I love it. It’s nothing super or anything. Just something to have fun with. A whole bike for $20 wow. Like a kid in a candy store. Here take a look and tell me what you think…

 IMG_2943   IMG_2944

On to my find from the week before. This is going to floor you. I love coffee as much as the next cyclist. Coffee gives me a nice little boost and I just love the taste. Regular… Decafe doesn’t matter. But getting the perfect cup every time is so soothing. Smiling. So this little item was another wow. It only set me back $30. Here take a gander at this.


Yes folks, you are not seeing wrong. That a KEURIG 2.0. It’s an awesome piece of machinery. I’ve wanted one for years but could never afford one. Now I have the best coffee machine ever. Thanks Goodwill. With this I’m just trying to promote and dispel people’s negative thoughts about these lovely places to find your own types of treasures. At the end of the day, it helps you as well as your community in many different ways. HELPING OTHERS WHILE HELPING YOURSELF IS THE NAME OF THE GAME. PUT OTHERS FIRST AND YOU ALWAYS WIN.


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