Lone Fitness

I totally understand the feeling.


That title really brings to mind a treadmill in the middle of the desert, a singular tumbleweed rolling across its path. Nothing so dramatic here.

So, I’m sometimes bad at doing stuff by myself, at least for the first time. Chris and I had been taking Zumba together for months, and this time, instead of skipping the two months I’m on afternoons, I opted to join the morning class and go by myself.

With strangers.

And dance to funky Latin beats.


But…I went. It was awkward at first. Where do I stand? Am I in someone’s place? Will they cut a bitch if I am? But it all ended just fine. I even made my way towards the front of the class, since the back of it was so heavily populated. I guess I hate being crowded and being in someone’s way more than I hate the thought of…

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