Another Chapter


Today myself and my partner find ourselves at a new chapter in our lives together. As you have read, the chapters right before this one, were not so good. I haven’t talked much about her but she is the greatest. When I started my journey on my bike last summer, she fully supported me. She has never put me down because of my weight gain over the years. I know internally she fears for my health. She has not been feeling well lately and I finally convince her to go to the doctor. She has Grave’s Disease and I thought maybe that was giving her some troubles. So we arrived thinking it was something we had dealt with before. Fast-forward two hours later and we are leaving with the news she is Type 2 Diabetic. A big, big shock to us both. A big lifestyle change for us both. A more tedious but more healthful lifestyle. I will not be letting her travel this road alone. We will tackle this together as we do all things, But Damn we are wondering when our break will come. Lol. She is active like me, so if anyone has helpful tips and advice for us going forward will you please send them to us. Especially good, tasty recipes. I’ve looked online but those will be hit/miss. I want to make her something great to boost her spirits. She thinks she has to give up all the things she enjoys and I want to show her it’s okay we will still enjoy our foods. Thanks all for the ears and the help.


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