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It’s already 2015, and we may not be the Jetsons, but we have technology that beats any futuristic cartoon world. Ok–a hovercraft would be awesome, but that’s besides the point. Today we’ll share some of the coolest sport and lifestyle watches on the market, as well as get an inside look from our own, tech guru Sam Wunderlich, on the Garmin Vivoactive.


Garmin Vivoactive

The Connect IQ platform, built around their own programming language, is very cool to watch develop.

-Sam W.

What you get:

  • Built-in Connect IQ Apps: Track progress away from phone, during activity (run, golf, bike, move, swim)
  • Move Bar alert, sunlight readable, 3-week battery, steps, calories, HR
  • Smart Notifications: Vibrates to alert calls, texts, emails, calendar reminders from Bluetooth-enabled device
  • Custom apps and watch faces by free download
  • 10 hours of GPS
  • Sweat, swim, shower with it
  • Garmin Connect: Track progress, virtual badges, online challenges, connect with friends…

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