That´s Cancer


This is a letter to cancer

It’s a very powerfull story, so keep your Kleenex close!
It started with the diagnosis nobody wants to hear: You have cancer.
The best way to describe cancer is an analogy of
Imagine if you worked all your life, was not extravagant, saved your money, and on the eve of retirement, there is a knock at your door telling you that you have lost all your savings.
You are bankrupt and they are not sure why.
That’s cancer. No dialogue. No preparation.
No forewarning. Just a decision from someone,
somewhere that you are up. A hugely disempowering
experience. That’s what kept coming back to me as I was told I had cancer and in the days that followed, I have been robbed.

Justin McLean, Founder, Thrivor

Learn more about Justin and his story at Thrivor
or support Trivor here:

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