Update to Another Chapter

acceptableYesterday was my turn at the doctor’s office. Well didn’t go as planned. Come to find out I have diabetes too. Although mine is not as bad as Paula’s, I still have to do the same things as she was instructed. Medicine, machine, diet, exercise a big lifestyle change. No skipping meals or snacks. One of our big issues. But hey, I’ll be in excellent cycling shape. Smiles.


One thought on “Update to Another Chapter

  1. It’s so shocking getting news that changes your life. I developed gestational diabetes a few years back and was surprised at some of the food I had to limit – like flour. There I was thinking quiches were healthy…but you know what also surprised me – after a few weeks of cutting out sugary food, my taste buds changed and I found I could really taste the sugar in something like a cereal bar! Have to say over the few months I had to change my diet, I have never felt so healthy!!

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