Resting Heart Rate:  Does It Really Matter?

Smiling, thanks for giving this Noob hope of finding a group on day, soon.

Fit Recovery

When I started cycling, my resting heart rate was about 60.  Nothing great, better than average.  Now that was my real resting heart rate too.  Wake up, grab the phone and check before my first foot hits the ground.

Today, after 20,000 miles on a bicycle, my resting heart rate after two cups of coffee, breakfast and reading a post about Canadian Bureucratic Hoop Jumping (that might make a more interesting Olympic sport than curling!), sitting at the dining room table, I’m at 43.

Don’t take my word for it:

It’s not some form of rocket science that accounts for such a steep drop.  I thought I was fit before cycling…  The keyword in that last sentence, of course, is “thought”.  I was a runner, after all!  For almost a decade.

When I was running, I never gave it half the effort I do cycling.  I thought I did, at…

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