Standing at the Bottom of the Hill

This sounds so familiar. Smiles.


So before I begin I feel it’s my duty to introduce myself and give you a little background on little old me. I’ve just turned 40, always been lazy and I’ve always struggled with motivation! I love a good curry and love my beer even more! Thats me in a nut shell!

I’ve dabbled with mountain biking over the last couple of years and in recent months have been drawn towards road cycling, falling in love with the romance of setting off for miles and miles on a sunny day, exploring the beauty of the English countryside in all its glory! Easy …………

A trip to my local bike shop eventually found me sat on the saddle of a Forme Peak Trail 2 hybrid bike! Seeing my new chosen steed as a ‘best of both worlds’ my thoughts were that this bike would allow me to keep up with my…

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