The Return of Peter The Great?

The Massif Central Blog

Rumours of the career demise of one of the most powerful riders in the pro peloton proved to be unfounded last week as Peter Sagan finally managed to break an interminable sequence of near-misses and fashion a couple of incredible just-wins instead. With margins that would be more at home in sprint racing on the track rather than multiple-stage road races, the increasingly tousled-haired Slovakian won the Tenth edition of the Tour of California with a heart-stopping show of verve, willpower and sheer bloody-midedness that should quieten his critics for some time. It might even quieten his current fiercest critic – his employer Oleg Tinkoff – for a couple of days.

Lying in second place at the beginning of Stage 4, 1:06 back from young race leader Toms Skujijns of Hincapie Racing, Sagan surged to a win with a couple of moves that showcased his outstanding bike handling talents. On-board…

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