What does it really mean to age as an athlete?

We Run and Ride

Fluorescent ChrisIt’s an interesting problem trying to figure out what to expect (or not expect) as you age as an athlete.

See, the idea of aging is both a reality and a mindset. We have no control over the fact that we grow older in years. Yet we can combat how those years affect us through exercise, strength work and healthy eating. So to answer the question “What does it really mean to age as an athlete?” one must consider this duality. .

Measuring how you age

The first component is the reality that aging does have profound effects on our bodies and minds. The physiology of the body begins to decline after an athletic peak at around age 26. By age 40 a trained athlete can still perform at levels similar to that of younger competitors, but age eventually eclipses performance capability past 40 for all but the most remarkable athletes. 

That means we…

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