Supplements: Science or Snake Oil? Part II

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The Road to Revelation

Back on the 14th of April, I posted that I was going to start using nutritional and performance supplements as a part of my work out and cycling regiment. As it turned out I began with a program on the 14th, as my order from amazon had happened to arrive that day.

After fair amount of prior research on performance/test results and side effects of the various supplements I wanted to try, I finally decided on the performance supplement, Arginine/Citrulline powder from Midwest Nutrition. I also purchased More Creatine monohydrate from Vitamin Shoppe, this is a concentrated, unflavored powder. (On sale for $15 bucks)

Two Words

Nitrate Supplements. No, I’m not talking Beet juice and the like, I’m referring to lab made supplements. Which, by the way have proven in several studies to show a boost in performance and muscle endurance. I will point readers to a couple of…

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