Ty for the visual of things noobs like me might want to consider taking with me on a long outing.

Audax and long distance cycling

Part 1 was here

In many ways, part 2 is more important. Clothing is clothing – we all know we need some, but, depending on how hot we run, makes for very personal choices.

Part 2 is all the other stuff, some of which may not be obvious to first timers, or indeed those who’ve done it a few times. There is, however, still quite a lot of personal choice to take into consideration on what ‘stuff’ to take. People’s attitude to spares differs dramatically (though no-one should ever undertake a long ride without the stuff to sort out their tyres going flat (be it tubes or stuff for tubeless etc.)). But some people carry spare gear cables, brake blocks etc. None of that is wrong, and may well be very valid on a long ride in wilder locations, but PBP is well-equipped with mechanics at every control and I…

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