Stronger, Faster…  Fitter:  What happens when you reach the next level only to find that you liked where you were at?

Fit Recovery

I had a great conversation with the owner of our local shop the other day about my Tuesday night club ride. Itwas fast. Maybe too fast.

While I rode hard and emptied the tank, I truly believe I could have stayed with the racers. If not to the end, close enough for government work. I chose to sit up and let a gap form because my friends had dropped and it was time anyway, because that’s just what we do.

I’ve improved my average on that ride from 19.5 mph the first year to 21 the next and 22 last year. May not sound much but that’s a ten minute difference over 30 miles. It’s a lot. 20 seconds a mile. This year I’ll beat that. Easily.

So Matt says to me, “You should have stayed with them [on Tuesday]. You’re stronger, faster… Fitter. You’ve learned a lot too, about…

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