Summer is the time for Champion Athletes With Diabetes.

I just recently found out I have diabetes. Thank you for encouraging myself and others to continue to be as active as we can.

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Hello Athlete… Competitor… Iron Person… Runner… Biker… Swimmer… Game-Changer… and also, Person With Diabetes.

It has not slipped past me that we are entering the height of activity season in North America and Europe. Many of you are out there working hard every day to get ready for a big event: A 5k run, a long ride, a triathlon, or something else you’ve been wanting to participate in since there was frost on the ground.

Maybe the most inspirational athlete you know is the one close to you who is living with diabetes, and their story is worth celebration and reward.

That’s where this medal comes in:
We’ve given away 27 of these babies to Champion Athletes With Diabetes who reach their athletic goals while dragging along diabetes at the same time. D-Athletes are special, from Ryan Reed, winner of the XFinity series NASCAR race at Daytona this year

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