Tips for Buying A Road Bike:  Why It’s So Difficult to Figure it All Out – The Little Things That Make a Huge Impact.

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So, you want to buy a road bike.  On a normal day I hardly pay attention to what someone else rides.  As long as they ride it well and don’t crash into my bike, we’re good.  However, my wife competes in triathlons on a fairly regular basis and rather than compete myself, I usually go with as support.  I see everything from $12,000 Triathlon bikes to mountain bikes and what thoroughly amazes me is how many people have bikes that don’t fit and how off many of the saddle heights are (usually way too low).  Because all of your ability to get leg strength into a pedal stroke starts with saddle height and how close the saddle is to the handlebar, getting either measurement wrong, by as little as a few millimeters, can absolutely kill your bike leg in a triathlon.

Just deciding to buy a bike, we’ve already run…

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