Cycling for a Great Cause


KMOC. Cycling Team getting ready for the HHH!

Each year our town hosts the Hotter N’Hell Hundred, a century bike ride. It is always the fourth Saturday in August. It is lots of fun! It is the biggest and oldest century ride in the country.

14,000+ cyclist. Thousands more vendors, supporters, and volunteers make for an entertaining weekend. Friday is an off-road ride. On Saturday there are 10K, 25 miles, 50 miles, 100K, and 100 miles routes. Rest stops every ten miles with medical tents, water, fruit, snacks, and shade. Some are themed like the tropical oasis and the country homemade cookie stop. All routes go through Shepherd Air Force Base where airmen cheer us on.

If you want to do the Triple Threat, you do the off-road ride, 100 miles Saturday, and then a half marathon trail run on Sunday.

We participate in the Saturday ride. And…

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