when I first tried my clip-less pedals, I had a pretty bad accident. To exact the worse bruise ever. It covered the whole backside of my calf. Since then I had other ailments. Now that I’m pretty healthy again, I find I’m a bit nervous about the pedals. Since I love the sport and my plans are to gain enough skills to race in my age group. I have to be able to clip-in. Any suggestions for getting over the fall.

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4 thoughts on “Crashing

  1. I had a fall when I first clipped in. I made the standard mistake of after a week or so just coming to a junction, forgetting and then toppling over. I luckily didn’t hurt myself, but I lost confidence and was over thinking it for a while. Are your pedals adjusted correctly so that you can get out of the cleats easily? I would suggest making sure, and then just taking it steady to build up your confidence. I was worried when I changed and fell off because I felt like it had taken the enjoyment out of cycling, but once I got used to it and over that it was much better. Persist and you will be glad you took the plunge! However, for those that aren’t enjoying cleats don’t feel like you have to change… there is nothing wrong with changing back if it isn’t for you either.
    Well that’s my advice 🙂

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    1. Thank you. To add to this I had gotten a pair of secondhand clip-less pedals not good for me. ( they were an older 198no 0’s style). These were much harder than the Shimano pair I have now. I had these professionally put on and adjusted to me. They are also easy to come out of. Still a little gun shy but will persist. Thank you for your help to me and others.


  2. First, for the pedals, practice in the grass. If you fall, no harm, no foul. Second, everyone (except me) falls at least once because of clipless pedals. Everyone. Third, once you become proficient at clipping in and unclipping, your nerves should calm down a bit. Most importantly, I tell that part of my brain the worries to kiss my @$$. It works after a while and I don’t worry anymore. 😉

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