The woman who cycled the North Pole

She is a great inspiration for all. Showing the power of willpower, preparation, and attention to detail can do.

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The woman who cycled the North Pole

Bristish Adventurer Maria Leijerstam 35British Adventurer Maria Leijerstam, 35 [WALES NEWS SERVICE ]
Welsh Adventurer Maria Leijerstam, 35, pedalled 500 miles across the icy wilderness of Antarctica to win her grueling record attempt after four years of training.
She managed it in just ten days – 12 days ahead of schedule despite “vicious conditions” across the frozen continent.
Her three-wheel bicycle and daring route gave her the edge over her two male competitors from America and Spain.
Speaking on Twitter from the South Pole, she said: “I did it I did it I did it!!!!!!”
“I can’t believe I’m the first person in the world to cycle the entire way to the South Pole – and I peddled every meter!
“On the last day I got to within 4km of the South Pole but couldn’t get permission to enter. I had to wait an hour for a…

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