Bicycling Dieppe to Paris… cracks, bushes, wasp stings, an improvised route, no sat nav and a race against the clock to catch the ferry. What could possibly go wrong!

Running over the Rainbow

5 months into Ironman training I was starting to feel sick of the long bike rides, lonely runs and well, just swimming in general! I am lucky enough to know lots of crazy people who are willing to cycle, run or swim 100’s of miles for no reason meaning I am usually able to find company for at least some of my long training rides. However Ironman training in general is fairly solitary and I am getting to the point where I just want race day to come so that I can start thinking about something else! So when I was offered the opportunity of a lift to Paris and cycling back to Brighton for a spontaneous weekend with a few of the BTRS girls I jumped at the chance to cycle somewhere different with lovely company. The 4:30am start (pretty standard at the moment when BTRS are concerned!) was…

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