You Know You Have a Cycling Problem When…

Fit Recovery

With a blog name like Fit Recovery, you should get the impression that I write a lot about fitness and that I am, indeed, a recovered alcoholic (with the understanding that it only takes about ten minutes and a couple stupid decisions to become unrecovered).

In fact, I’ve been sober for 22 years now.  That’s a decent start for sure, and you can bet that to stay sober for that long without going frickin’ nuts, it takes being able to work a decent recovery program.  Long story short, my sobriety Kung Fu is strong.

That’s why I knew I might have a cycling problem when the owner of our local bike shop said I’d have to present him with a signed, dated letter from my wife stating that any future purchases of bicycles have been okayed.

Dude, I got cut off by the bike shop…

If ever there were evidence that I belong…

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