A Better Way To Work Out Using a Heart Rate Monitor

Chris Browning P.T

There are a few different ways of measuring exercise intensity during cardiovascular exercise. One of the most common is by using a heart rate monitor. Most modern gym equipment has a heart rate monitor built in while many exercisers prefer to use their own ‘chest strap’ monitors. Generally speaking, the higher your heart rate during exercise, the harder you’re body is working.

So it’s quite easy to find out what your heart rate is at any given level of exercise, and once you know this, you can start to think about what your Heart Rate SHOULD be for your desired result.

Click here to see my page on Heart Rate Training Zones for a description of the different training zones and what happens to your body when training in these different zones.

Before calculating your own target heart rate, you will need to know two things;

  1. your resting heart rate…

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