Chris Froome among riders concerned with Vuelta a España’s sandy section


2 thoughts on “Chris Froome among riders concerned with Vuelta a España’s sandy section

  1. Bottom line is this; today’s pampered, metro-type, ‘soft’ riders couldn’t handle bike racing from yesteryear. The days of Fausto, Bartali, then Anquetil, Merckx, etc. They wouldn’t last one F’ing day racing like those tough guys did.

    Even as recent as Lance and Co. who were a bunch of fairly tough riders. But for about the past decade years now…you have this contingent of sissified pro’s who do nothing but whine, complain and cry- literally when things go wrong or something is “deemed” so-called dangerous. They protest, they wail like little momma’s boys and it’s happening in ALL sports. It’s a disgusting display of the modern male gender.

    What I like to call the Sissification or Feminization of pro sports (which starts with little boys and girls in school or on recreational teams) they are coddled and ‘breast-fed’ so to speak and it continues throughout the entire lives. They grow up to be soft and weak, both mentally and physically (sans a handful of athletes) They feel entitled and are spoiled rotten. It’s beyond ‘ego’ of an athlete, it’s simply a childish behavior, one that rejects accountability, toughness and bravery. (again, there are a handful of cyclists who are good examples of a tough, but fair athlete, but they are few and far between and are dwindling in numbers)

    The Feminist movement that began in the late 50’s, which has exploded into a disruptive, National Socialist like movement has helped to diminish what a male should be world-wide (at least in the West)
    We are now saddled with a generation of mostly useless, whining, cry-baby boys and ‘men’ if you can call them that, who permeate not only the sporting the world, but society in general. It’s shameful and despicable in my opinion. This is why the East will over-power the West in due time.

    The scope of the sissified western male has far reaching implications and consequences, the likes which we may not see soon, but will eventually come to fruition in the next 50+/- years…

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