Encouragement and Motivation

Secondrate Cyclist

Sometimes we need to be motivated to get out and do any type of exercise. What makes us do something that is exerting over something that is relaxing? Well, for me, I enjoy it. Exerting myself is relaxing . . . sometimes; then there are days when . . . well, meh. Those are they are the days when encouragement is a key factor.

Yesterday, it was raining. Wind was howling. I had 1-mile sprint intervals on the schedule and was thinking about using the weather as an excuse and hopping on my trainer. I had already told another rider I was meeting him to train on intervals. It was set. As I sat in my truck with the wind and rain pushing on my windows, my cell phone began to churp. It was the other guy.

“Yello?” I said, purposely sounding more chipper than I felt.

“Hey man,” he…

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