Not Been A Good Week

.sadface  .sadface2


This past week has really broken my spirits. I’m hanging by a thread. There is not much else I can take my friends. This week I lost one of my good friends. She was only 39 years old, has a son who is  14 yrs old. Poor baby, his grandmother dying of cancerous brain tumors, his father a druggie and alcoholic. He has no one. Will probably become part of the system and there is nothing I can do. Got fired fired from my job of almost 15 years because I’ve been battling with PTSD, Anxiety, Depression especially since the house and stuff. How do you get fired for being legitimately, verifiable-ly, sick. I’m having trouble seeing why I want to stay here on this planet. Struggling my friends. Sorry haven’t been on much. Wanted to give an update. Need my bike. Need prayers or positive energy whatever you believe to be sent to bring me back.


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