Happy New Year, To You All!

Carolina Evening by Twanetta “Shan” Foote

It’s been about a month since I’ve been on, and a lot has happened. I decided I needed to be me. So in light of having no job, I made one by starting my own Design Firm, like I always wanted. I should be able to ride a lot more regularly and build my strength. Check me out at www.vintmoddesign.com , love to see you. I decided to build my, I lost a 100 lbs. bike, on my own with a little help. Santa is delivering late gifts this week. My biggest one being a bike stand. Nothing fancy or expensive.  A Pro Bike 41″To 75″Repair Stand Adjustable W/Telescopic Arm Cycle Bicycle Rack is what they called it – off of eBay. I call it a helping hand, lol. I also have been working on an art project about my city. It’s my first real go at photography as an art. I’m a painter, so I’ll try to apply some of those same skills to take photographs. Soon I will be able to post some of my work here so my friends(you) can see and share with me. As a teaser look at the beautiful evening sky I captured last week. Thanks for hanging in with me. Peace, Love, and great Cycling!





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