Service de Velo – Bike fit

Adjusting your bike to fit your body is something that I’m sure every rider, even the most recreational, is aware of the importance of. Like many, I’ve spent my riding life tweaking my saddle height, swapping stems and nudging cleats until it feels ‘right’.

What’s ‘right’ though? “Well, it’s when your legs fully extend with the heel on the pedal and your back’s nice and straight, isn’t it?”… “No wait, my friend said it’s when your knees are a little bit bent and your arms are straight.”… “The guy at the bike shop told me “it’s when your handlebars overlap your hub so that you can’t see it.”
Well, we’ve all heard the conspiracies on how your bike should fit, but to truly know what’s ‘right’, you should have a professional bike fit; exactly what I finally got around to doing after 10 years in the saddle.
So, off I headed…

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