Confident and Fearful Dogs

AlyZen Moonshadow

(From my ISCP Diploma in Canine Psychology coursework assessments):

How do you know when a dog is confident or fearful? Give examples of dogs you have observed.


A confident dog appears open and friendly, and will come up to you happily, even exuberantly. A fearful dog will cower in a corner, with its tail tucked between its legs, and avert its gaze. A dog’s body language speaks volumes about how it feels, or what type of personality it has.

Otto the mixed breed dog at the Refuge I’m involved in is an example of a confident dog. The minute he sees me near his kennel, he comes right over, bright eyed and bushy tailed, and sticks his nose out the opening of the door. If I put my hand in, he’ll give it a snuffle and a lick. If he’s feeling super happy, he’ll jump up and down…

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