Cycling with a POS Computer; Why I Love Mine…

Fit Recovery

I was chastised the other day, in a comment on a post, for having a cheap computer on my exceptionally well decked out and expensive race bike.  The acronym used was “POS”.  I cop to it unapologetically.  I’ve got five grand into my race bike and my computer is about the cheapest wireless computer that Specialized makes at just $40:

There’s really not much to it.  My computer gives me two readings on the display and one depends on the mode I choose.  The first one is not changeable, current speed.  The second is optional and I always go with distance traveled.  I use current speed to keep a good pace with the group I’m riding with and distance so I know how far I’ve pulled before heading to the back for a bit of a rest.  No GPS, no mount for the back wheel, no turn by turn direction, and no guesstimation for power or current gear.  Plain and…

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