What Training For A Triathlon Taught Me About Personal Finance and Investing

wealth from thirty

Weiswampach_triathlon_2007_Peter_Croes_Stijn_GorisI completed my first Triathlon in 2014 and started training for my second late last year. The sensation of movement is something I greatly enjoy and the combination of sports in the Triathlon (swim, cycle, run) plus the challenge of completing the event makes it very appealing to me. Athletically, I’m average (and possibly below average on the bike) but once again regular training has become part of the fabric of my life. Whilst some recreational triathletes will train 20hrs+ a week, I have to get by with about 5-6hrs a week more due to competing demands from my Ph.D./Masters and teaching commitments than lack of drive (usually 2hrs in each sport, swimming, cycling and running is the most I can manage). As I’m tapering my training over the next couple weeks I’ve spent some time reflecting on the past 4 months of training, and, in particular, the similarities between…

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