Every Time I’m Down I Look At This!!!!

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I was needing a pick me up, I guess. Every time I’m thinking on my journey and how it has come short so far, this amazing gentleman shows up. I’ve been on the journey of losing 100 lbs. for two years now and there just seems to be a medical issue every time I get focused to start. For the last year and a half I’ve had terrible pains and none of my doctors could figure out from where. Just a few months ago we found our answer…. Fibromyalgia  I don’t understand much yet but I’m learning. Smiling… I pumped my tires on my old bike (well not too old) Bought it 2yrs ago but has little too no miles on it. This week I will be servicing it this week and starting to ride again. The journey has only begun. I believe with proper nutrient and exercise I will reach my goals.  If anyone rides or knows someone that cycles with Fibromyalgia will you please contact me here or at: destiny322355@yahoo.com I would love to hear your story and how you deal with the dis-ease and ride. I feel this is my year. I just have to make it happen. Thank you to all my friends here. You ladies and gents have helped me so much, and I appreciate all your writings, friendship, and support. You have given me a voice.

Check out this video and get inspired:


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