Double Standards in Sports


There are two standards in sports and it needs to stop. As a female athlete it disturbs me that, I am gauged not solely for my performance on the court, field or road but by another level of scrutiny. Why can’t women including myself just be considered athletes. Why should anyone’s husband, coach, or any other male figure be given credit that is due the female athlete. Yes we have male supporters who we love, respect, listen to there wisdom… but ultimately it is the woman who competes and actually puts in the work(not saying coaching and all is not work). This was seen over and over in the Olympics. The coach or Husband getting the shine for a female athlete’s great achievements.

Read this, important for all. There is something we all can take from this article. We need to respect others as equals on and off the bike, playing field, courts, pools… wherever there is sports. We should fight inequality. 

925124893-d9f0001177edcdc9f56fe96903afd14asexism_in_america and not just America the world. All Humans are EQUAL.

This is so true. There is a double standard that needs addressing. but it is not just in sports. It is in all women’s lives all the time. We are held at such a different standards. look at how they treated Hope Solo, yes her comments were unsportswomanlike, but look at how Lochte has been coddled. He should have been immediately kicked off the USA team as well. If he he is not off, she shouldn’t be off. It seems to me that Lochte’s behavior grossly outweighs a mad comment after a crushing loss,with reporters hawking to get any negative response from a notoriously emotional player. But this man lied to the world and police and is still seen as a commodity. Really. Take everything she has worked for because she says someone or group is a coward versus causing a manhunt within the Olympics, led the whole world on, lied, skip town, after he was allegedly drink, pissing on and breaking things and he is still on the team. Wake up “Privilege” needs to stop. Double standards need to stop. The reason you really fired her was because she was fight against you in the fact she thought the athletes she be given more for there efforts and dedication and you the governing bodies feel this was the opportunity to discredit and push her and her voice to the side. I am by no means saying she was right in what she said while representing our country, but it is a double standard as to how punishment is dealt.

Please let me know how you guys feel. I woke up feeling a bit upset about this issue. I went to sleep on it last night and thought my feelings would mellow a bit. They didn’t. Especially after seeing the “Privileged” such as Locate still ruling and affecting our lives either directly or indirectly. And Men fight with us. You wouldn’t want the double standard to continue to exist, and have the negative affects it does on your wife, daughter, mom, sister… Would you? So let’s stop this craziness now and together.

Whew my rant is over.


9 thoughts on “Double Standards in Sports

  1. Well, in terms of Hope Solo, you’re misunderstanding or leaving parts of the story out to back your rant. Hope Solo is lugging a trainload of bad judgment behind her. This was just the straw that broke the camel’s back. Ryan Lochte lied to his mom, who then caused an international incident. Stupid, yes, but hardly career ending. Hope is not only wrong about her opponents, she was woefully ignorant. It could just has easily been said that her opponents came up with a game plan and stuck to it. The American team wasn’t good enough to knock them off their plan. Then there’s the domestic abuse and a couple other items of interest.

    We are, after all, against domestic abuse, are we not?

    Just sayin’.

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    1. Totally agree with what you are saying about Hope and her past Misjudgments, buttttttt Lochte has also been in trouble and this was not the first time for him either. Plus he had the opportunity to clear it all up quickly but instead perpetuated the lies and kept the world and Brazil looking for assailants, when they could have been keeping others safe. He should have broken the camel’s back by now as well I think. But Boys will be Boys. 🙂 The excuse that is always given to justify letting guys get away with so much more than is tolerated from women. I’m just saying she broke no laws just used her right to speak her mind. Though it was stupid and unwarranted it was not illegal. Against the guidelines understood, but not illegal. I’m just saying if she had to go, he definitely should be gone as well.

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      1. No, boys will not be boys… he lost all of his sponsors almost immediately. And he hasn’t had his IOC meeting yet. You don’t know of he’s gone or not yet. Women get away with so much more than men, it’s sickening, it’s not even close! If that weren’t the case, compare Adrian Peterson to Hope Solo…. AP was gone for a year. Lost millions. Or Ray Rice… You’re cherry picking for your outrage.

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      2. I agree with you on AP but Ray knocked her out. lol yes she was a b… but don’t hit her so hard lol. women do, do things that are way out of line. not saying that is not the case. what I’m saying is both were in the Olympics at the same time and yet Hope already has been disposed of. Locate as of now still has his main gig. What is taking so long? What do they have to think about so hard? He did it. It did take that long for axing Hope now did it. no thought just you out, you have been a bad bad girl. What I’m really saying is Discrimination all discrimination needs to stop. If the powers to be continue to do it how can we expect followers(people without a mind of their own) to not do it. It starts at the top. Tell me what women get away with? I curious to know. Cause being a woman I haven’t seen myself get by with anything. If anything because of my gender, race, and choice of who I choice to love, I have been harassed , fired, dirty looks, followed, stuff wrote on cars , homes, etc. if i had a baby I loose my spot at the watering hole (where as my fellow male gets a cigar, pat on the back, a raise, and stud if my dress is not at my ankles it’s my fault if a guy disrespects me cause his hormones are out of whack. hmmmm I have to work at a 150 % in order to be perceived as competent as a 90% working male. Oh then the woman is expected to come home a take care of the family while the male winds down in his it is changing very slowly but no where near the rate it should be. The crazy thing is women out number men 4 to 1 and we need to band together and change the standards. I’m actually not outraged so much as I see something fundamentally wrong and I wanted to speak on it.

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      1. I can’t even believe that article was written, let alone used as backup to show what a jerk Lochte is. Oooh, he didn’t save his parents Florida home… he peed outside (there are literally no men alive on this planet who have not peed outside)… and he stripped down to his speedo at a party?! What was he doing wearing a speedo under his clothes? Nobody does that. Something stinks in that story.

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      2. Lol You forgot the part about the altercation and fight he was in. A fight is a fight you mentioned Hope’s domestic issue, if you recall it was only domestic because she was family with the ones she got into a fight with. Not cool at all, but Locate gets in a fight with a group of people and he is just a jerk. The article may not be greatly written but I’m sure we can find many accounts of his misgives with others and the law if we researched. That is beyond my interest in him. I merely was showing that Hope was wrong and punished severely for her transgressions and Lochte has merely been given a slap on the wrist for something I personally consider worse. Bad sportspersonship is bad, very bad. But doing something illegal is on a whole different level. His punishment has been little to none with the USOC and USA Swimming. Her punishment was dealt to her swiftly and decisively. Why the discrepancies? Both wrong both gone, should be what happened. So far though nothing close to that has happened. It seems to me to be similar to what happened to Martha Stewart, yes they are in different fields but it just shows that it is a far reaching problem. It’s in the workforce of everyday individuals… We get paid less for the same job, and it goes the other way too sometimes but not as often. I would like to see a world where there is no discrimination. A world where when discrimination creeps it ugly head up we chop it off, not sweep it under the rug like it doesn’t exist. It exist in all kinds of ways. Why do we seek to divide ourselves? No one is any great than the others of us. So if a societal law or rule is broken the same punishment is dealt out. Jobs, wages, etc. should be the same for the same job no matter what you look like, or who you are. I’m not a super feminist. I just believe in being just and fair to all. I just wish there were more people that felt the same. We as humans need to stop making excuses for inequalities and fix what is broken. There are double standards and they go both ways and it needs to stop. It is just a known fact that it happens to Woman and Minorities more often. It just needs to stop. Enough is Enough. Thank you my friend I have enjoyed our lil debate. 🙂

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