My New Venture and Blog

Good day my lovely friends. I dropped in to share with you my new venture. I have been a soapmaker for a long time. So a few months ago I decided to start selling my wares, along with other natural handmade products. Some are artsy some are practical. All are from the heart. The idea behind this new business journey is to get people back to knowing what goes in and on there bodies. The blog will be to help educate, and show that to go as natural as possible does not mean sacrifice. As a cyclist we exercise in one of the simpliest forms and it makes sense to go back to the basics in all other areas of our lives. The Simple Revolution is here. This is what I call my urge to be as natural as I can, to try to live a healthy lifestyle and to share my journeys with you, my friends. It does me no good in keeping helpful (hopefully) information to myself. So share I will.



So please, Check out my other blog Naturl Beauty . Let’s get back to our natural selves. My natural Products are found on  Etsy: Naturl Beauty  and Follow our Pins on Pinterest, Posts on Facebook, and feel free to email us with any question, comments, or clarification on anything.

Facebook: Naturl Beauty Soaps and Handmade Products

Pinterest:  Naturl Beauty

Email us: anytime at

Thanks for being my friends and online support.


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