Cycling Faster: Train for Speed on a Slower Steed

Fit Recovery

I went out for a ride with a few friends on the Venge Saturday morning. I was taking 3+ mile turns up front at 22 to 24 mph and I could have gone longer. I felt like a Hundred Dollars. I felt fast.

Since getting the Trek dialed in I’ve spent an inordinate amount of time on it. A new, cheap mountain bike saddle has made it impossibly comfortable and I love the bike like never before. It’s a crazy balance, really. A cheap, semi-squishy saddle isn’t supposed to be that comfortable on a road bike, but it is. Everything I’ve ever read has said a saddle should be as hard as possible to allow for blood flow – the Bontrager saddle on my bike is anything but, and it works.

I rode that bike for years with a Specialized Romin on the Trek. The same saddle I have…

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