Instacart WOW

8ED2DE96-8150-40ED-9860-8604F552DB66Instacart is an app that allows you to get products delivered to you for a few dollars, $5.99 here in Charlotte, NC. They will do your shopping for you. This is so worth it. We will use them like others use other apps or sites like Trifecta, Hello Fresh, etc. We couldn’t afford the fees of most of these but wanted to have the service. So I went looking. I have a slight advantage maybe… I’m a Chef so meal planning for us was easy for me. If you find this to be stressful part of your Nutritional Planning then source out. I will be beginning a section for meal plans to help you out. You can also source hundreds of meals and meal plans on Google, Pinterest, even YouTube. Be creative and ask your friends and family for their favorite healthy meals and snacks. Gather these all in one place so they are readily available, then plug and play each week. Make your grocery list from the things you need to make each meal. Stay tuned as we go more into Meal Planning and Healthy Eating..

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