Cycling 101 – part 2 — Tommy’s Outdoors

Welcome to part 2 of this blog series dedicated to getting started with cycling. Other equipment Once you have your ideal bicycle there are a few things you need to buy to fully enjoy it. I would argue, that first and foremost you need to buy a helmet. In some parts of the world bicycle […]

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Cycling 101 – part 1 — Tommy’s Outdoors

When we first get into cycling it seems quite easy, as long as we already know how to ride a bicycle. After a while however, we discover that there is more to cycling than meets the eye. There are questions about safety, maintenance and other issues. Thankfully, experienced road men have already figured them out. […]

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Cross-training for Road Cyclists, when Reality Hits the Road. — Fit Recovery

Cross-training, for the avid enthusiast road cyclist, is important. They say too much of a good thing, that would be cycling, can be bad. Or somethin’. Something about weight training, or weight bearing exercise comes to mind. Heck, I think I wrote something about that way back when. I was running back then, not because […]

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Fit Recovery’s Cycling Dictionary; the Definition of Weight Training — Fit Recovery

Weight training ˈwāt ˌtrāniNG/ noun The cycling enthusiast should refrain from any upper body weight training so as to facilitate muscle growth where it’s important, the legs. Weight training is still important, and should be completed thusly: You train on a heavier bike Race bike – 15-1/2 pounds: Training bike – 19-1/2 pounds (with heavier […]

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Apidura – #WhatsInYourPack? — Ryan J. Walker

For Apidura, bike luggage manufacturers, I noticed there was a growing trend among the community to show what you were carrying. I managed to assist in forming a relationship with a Californian rider, who would in tern produce a video that would basically go viral for us. After a few minor tweaks, the video would […]

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Whom to follow in the Tour de France … —

The Tour starts Saturday. Yes, you should pay attention. First, follow NYVelocity on Twitter for colorful commentary, especially now that the site doesn’t offer up the daily Tour day Schmalz. Also, follow The Guardian, starting with their team-by-team guide. And watch it on NBCSN. I don’t care if you hate cycling. The commentary (dry-witted Englishmen […]

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Achieve Your Fitness Goals with Vitamin D, Vitamin C and Magnesium —

A recent study presented at the European Society of Endocrinology yearly meeting showed that higher levels of vitamin D correlate to lower abdominal fat levels. Vitamin D assists with fitness by keeping hormone levels stable. If you want a slimmer waistline, along with reduced risk of health issues which are linked with an “apple shape”, such as…

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Cycling Faster: Train for Speed on a Slower Steed

Fit Recovery

I went out for a ride with a few friends on the Venge Saturday morning. I was taking 3+ mile turns up front at 22 to 24 mph and I could have gone longer. I felt like a Hundred Dollars. I felt fast.

Since getting the Trek dialed in I’ve spent an inordinate amount of time on it. A new, cheap mountain bike saddle has made it impossibly comfortable and I love the bike like never before. It’s a crazy balance, really. A cheap, semi-squishy saddle isn’t supposed to be that comfortable on a road bike, but it is. Everything I’ve ever read has said a saddle should be as hard as possible to allow for blood flow – the Bontrager saddle on my bike is anything but, and it works.

I rode that bike for years with a Specialized Romin on the Trek. The same saddle I have…

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A Prayer Answered on an Otherwise Gloomy Day…

Fit Recovery

The Weather Channel had forecast rain over the weekend, while Dark Sky said overcast, but only a slim chance of rain.

The Weather Channel appeared to be wrong and we rolled out at 7:30am Saturday. I chose the Trek due to the chance of rain, but opted to go with my best set of wheels as they roll a fair bit faster. It was the first time I was able to use my Trek for the intended purpose I used to justify upgrading the bike’s drivetrain in the first place; to make swapping wheelsets betwixt the two bikes as simple as possible.

The wheel-swap took seconds and two turns of the rear derailleur’s barrel adjuster. It worked perfectly.

My buddy, Phill was the only one to show, and my wife was riding, so it was just the three of us.

Our ride was fantastic… I’m trying to think of the…

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How did I get an eleven out of ten?

My Romance With Running

Did I cheat? Did someone fudge the results? Was I using drugs?

I re-calculated just to make sure, and I still got the same answer. If circumference is equal to pi times the radius squared, the answer to two decimal places is 11.45 out of ten!

And that is the cleanest and simplest way I could describe childbirth. An 11.45cm wide thing out of, I’ll leave it there.

IMG_20180616_124315.jpg Post ride with a peaceful pēpi

Today marks six weeks since a small human being with a head, limbs and a torso fought it’s way out of my pelvis. A small being with a head in the 95th percentile. That is the sentence I repeat to myself whenever I get tempted to run. I think of how my pelvis felt, and immediately all thoughts of running dissipate like pee in a birthing pool.

I decided last Saturday that today was the…

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