What Santa brought me for Christmas :)


Hello all. I have been meaning to make this post since Christmas.  I wanted to show others how to not stop at noothing to get what you want. Well, we don’t condone any thing illegal. Ok so here’s the back story. As you guys know I have been battling with my weight and Fibromyalgia.  There have been many days were I didn’t feel like getting out or going to the gym. I had to come up with a solution, plus I want to start back training seriously to get on the road for longer distances and maybe a ride or race or two this year. So I asked Santa for a trainer. We looked around, saw some that was in my price range but found the weight limits to be to close to me and the bike. I’ve heard a lot about cycle Ops and have been dreaming of one. Well not only did Santa find me one, he found Paula one too. The best part is it only cost us around $200 for the both. So those of you out there they say cycling is expensive, I tell you that you can have everything you need with a little patience and creativity. You can do it. I am proof. Now to get my hiney on it. My dream begins tomorrow. My journey continues. Thanks for riding with me. Check out these beauties:



Double Standards in Sports


There are two standards in sports and it needs to stop. As a female athlete it disturbs me that, I am gauged not solely for my performance on the court, field or road but by another level of scrutiny. Why can’t women including myself just be considered athletes. Why should anyone’s husband, coach, or any other male figure be given credit that is due the female athlete. Yes we have male supporters who we love, respect, listen to there wisdom… but ultimately it is the woman who competes and actually puts in the work(not saying coaching and all is not work). This was seen over and over in the Olympics. The coach or Husband getting the shine for a female athlete’s great achievements.

Read this, important for all. There is something we all can take from this article. We need to respect others as equals on and off the bike, playing field, courts, pools… wherever there is sports. We should fight inequality. 

925124893-d9f0001177edcdc9f56fe96903afd14asexism_in_america and not just America the world. All Humans are EQUAL.


This is so true. There is a double standard that needs addressing. but it is not just in sports. It is in all women’s lives all the time. We are held at such a different standards. look at how they treated Hope Solo, yes her comments were unsportswomanlike, but look at how Lochte has been coddled. He should have been immediately kicked off the USA team as well. If he he is not off, she shouldn’t be off. It seems to me that Lochte’s behavior grossly outweighs a mad comment after a crushing loss,with reporters hawking to get any negative response from a notoriously emotional player. But this man lied to the world and police and is still seen as a commodity. Really. Take everything she has worked for because she says someone or group is a coward versus causing a manhunt within the Olympics, led the whole world on, lied, skip town, after he was allegedly drink, pissing on and breaking things and he is still on the team. Wake up “Privilege” needs to stop. Double standards need to stop. The reason you really fired her was because she was fight against you in the fact she thought the athletes she be given more for there efforts and dedication and you the governing bodies feel this was the opportunity to discredit and push her and her voice to the side. I am by no means saying she was right in what she said while representing our country, but it is a double standard as to how punishment is dealt.

Please let me know how you guys feel. I woke up feeling a bit upset about this issue. I went to sleep on it last night and thought my feelings would mellow a bit. They didn’t. Especially after seeing the “Privileged” such as Locate still ruling and affecting our lives either directly or indirectly. And Men fight with us. You wouldn’t want the double standard to continue to exist, and have the negative affects it does on your wife, daughter, mom, sister… Would you? So let’s stop this craziness now and together.

Whew my rant is over.

Weight Loss

Congratulations. I’m on that same journey. finally in a place to try once again.. Thanks for the inspiration.


Three years ago, the first week of August, I had reached my highest weight in years. It was a slow climb, but I had reached 201 pounds (91 Kg). I had completed a dozen triathlons and biking events in the previous year, but was still overweight. I was not at all happy with how I looked or how I felt.

I decided to change my habits: eat better, snack less, and take natural supplements as recommended by my doctor (D, B12, Calcium, Magnesium, that sort of thing).

The Accident messed up those plans in a major way! Over the next year and a half, my weight bounced all over the place, as did my emotions. I tried every once in a while to lose, by the pounds came back. I gave up until I was in a more emotionally stable place.

This past year I have been working…

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Hello to my MIGHTY fan club.


IMG_7947Yesterday’s Sky Here

Hello, I’m back my friends. A lot has been going on to keep me away from you. It’s been like treading uphill. Firstly as most of you know, in September, ironically on September 11, 2015 I lost my job. Well since the house fire, I’ve been super depressed and hurt. Questioning, Why me? Why us? What did we do wrong? etc. Lead me down a path where body let me down (still does at times). The sickness from the sadness is what caused my crumb, inevitably my being let go. I couldn’t function properly anymore. My well way dry. My mind was severely shaken, not broken as some may think, lol.  I needed help. yes I said it, I needed help. See I was like most people. We try to say nothings wrong, I got it, I don’t need help. We have been programmed to keep our competitive advantage. The thought that someone knows you are hurting, leaves us in disarray and fearful of attack from friend and foe alike. We would rather suffer alone, than seek others for comfort, for help… I’m here to tell you my friends, that you allowing me to tell my story along the way of this battle, have been part of my help. When I was at my lowest, Cycling came to me through a chance encounter, with a very important person in my heart. She performs amazing thing on a bicycle and even more things off the bike. I’m proud to know her. You guys and women continue to nuture my new-found love of cycling with your inspiring stories and experiences. Thank you for allowing me in your cycling family.

FELT 2016

Fast forward a few months from my wrongful termination, and from the ashes I sprung  like the Phoenix. I have created a few companies with a      few more in mind. I have a new motto, ” I am not enslaved any longer”. I am free, and trying to live free. When I ride I feel truly free. During this time I also found out more about my body and why I was feeling and looking so awful. This was the worst shape I have ever been in EVER. So, I went to the doctor and we begin to try to figure out all the pains and problems. Well now I know that physically I suffer from fibromyalgia, pre-diabetic, and a severe vitamin D deficiency. Now to my mind has its own problems Depression, Anxiety, and PTSD. The last puzzled me. I looked at my therapist and said, I thought only soldiers have this. So, now I’m in the process of learning how to cope and survive through all the changes that are happening in my life. But to come full circle on my ramblings… Cycling has been a constant smile through the storm. We all need help at some time, don’t be afraid to ask. If you can help me understand some of the things I mentioned or have a story you would like to share, drop me some lines. I believe in the beginning when we first meet, I said I was on a Journey with my bike. Well the Journey continues… Thank you for coming along. You will never know how appreciative I am of you, for not allowing my voice to go unheard.

Thanks my friends and fellow cyclists.


Can The Bike Truly Help? Or Are You Just Obsessed?

This article shows the power a bike can possibly be. It’s very encouraging when you see others that have kind hearts.

Bike and Brain

As I begin taking the next steps to turn Bike and Brain into a tangible non-profit, I find myself pondering all the ways a bike can make a true difference. I can think of many obvious benefits, but one news story recently really brought the bikes true power to light.
If you are anyone who trolls the Internet you should know who James Robertson is.

via ABC News

James is a 56-year-old man from Detroit who just went viral. James, for the past decade, has been walking about 21 miles (roundtrip) to and from work everyday. He walks through all 4 seasons and has never missed a day in his career. James explained that his car had broken down about 10 years ago. He was unable to afford a new one, which is when he began walking.

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