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So eating healthy doesn’t have to be boring but when you have limited energy and pain in your joints and muscles, the effort can turn small jobs into big jobs. Being off today and getting delivery of some fresh Medjool dates, I felt the effort needed to make Deliciously Ella’s Pecan pie was perhaps just […]

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For cyclists who workout once or more than once a day, good nutrition is vital. Here we have put together a mock menu and riding schedule that is chock full of the nutrients that cyclists require throughout the day. It includes pre-ride fill ups, meals, and snack ideas.

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The Big Debate

Healthy breakfast

As I sat down this morning at the dining room table, a thought that I had been juggling in my mind settled into a tiny crevice in my brain. Is breakfast the most important meal of the day? If so,why? So I set out to find out the answers. What I found out is, most scientist and doctors agree that it is the most important meal for numerous reasons. There has also risen a following that debates that this train of thought is correct. Confused? So was I. I did however come to the conclusion that the benefits outweigh the disadvantages if you can call them that. The goals I’ve set forth for myself… to lose 100 lbs., to become a better cyclist, to do my first ride(like charity), to ride 20 miles, 50 miles, then 100, to 100+ miles. I have to make changes in my daily choices. Number 1: Diet If I don’t fuel properly then my body can’t perform. If I can’t perform all the other goals are out the window. I must make better choices. So as part of this blog, I will challenge myself to learn, implement, and eat the proper foods to fuel my body and my success. I will share with you the insights I find, along with how I implement them into my daily routine. I’ll do this through research findings (articles, other blogs, or posts, etc.) I will document for all to see my weekly food intake. Finally, you can watch the results. I will post updates as to how my journey to these goals are transpiring. So on that note, I will create a new category called Nutrition. Here are a few articles I fished from the web today on the subject of Breakfast. Enjoy and please send feedback, thoughts, experiences, that could help myself and others.


For Breakfast-

Not convinced-

Thank you and again I’d love to hear your thoughts.

High Carb Vegan Diet

I have read a few articles about this. I find the concept to be worth looking into further.

Power Meter Cyclist

When you eat carbohydrates it is a common misconception that you will put on weight.

However carbs are burned in the body once they enter whether they come from simple Sugars or complex carbs.
The carbs are burned within 6 to 10 hours of entering the body. If excess carbs enter the body they are converted to heat in a process called thermogenesis.

Carbs are thought to make you fat because insulin is produced by the body when sugar enters and this causes any fat to be stored. However if you eat no fat there is no fat to be stored and you don’t put on weight.

The fat you eat is the fat you wear!

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