My New Venture and Blog

Good day my lovely friends. I dropped in to share with you my new venture. I have been a soapmaker for a long time. So a few months ago I decided to start selling my wares, along with other natural handmade products. Some are artsy some are practical. All are from the heart. The idea behind this new business journey is to get people back to knowing what goes in and on there bodies. The blog will be to help educate, and show that to go as natural as possible does not mean sacrifice. As a cyclist we exercise in one of the simpliest forms and it makes sense to go back to the basics in all other areas of our lives. The Simple Revolution is here. This is what I call my urge to be as natural as I can, to try to live a healthy lifestyle and to share my journeys with you, my friends. It does me no good in keeping helpful (hopefully) information to myself. So share I will.



So please, Check out my other blog Naturl Beauty . Let’s get back to our natural selves. My natural Products are found on  Etsy: Naturl Beauty  and Follow our Pins on Pinterest, Posts on Facebook, and feel free to email us with any question, comments, or clarification on anything.

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What Santa brought me for Christmas :)


Hello all. I have been meaning to make this post since Christmas.  I wanted to show others how to not stop at noothing to get what you want. Well, we don’t condone any thing illegal. Ok so here’s the back story. As you guys know I have been battling with my weight and Fibromyalgia.  There have been many days were I didn’t feel like getting out or going to the gym. I had to come up with a solution, plus I want to start back training seriously to get on the road for longer distances and maybe a ride or race or two this year. So I asked Santa for a trainer. We looked around, saw some that was in my price range but found the weight limits to be to close to me and the bike. I’ve heard a lot about cycle Ops and have been dreaming of one. Well not only did Santa find me one, he found Paula one too. The best part is it only cost us around $200 for the both. So those of you out there they say cycling is expensive, I tell you that you can have everything you need with a little patience and creativity. You can do it. I am proof. Now to get my hiney on it. My dream begins tomorrow. My journey continues. Thanks for riding with me. Check out these beauties:


Too Many Priorities? 3 Tips to Focus on What Matters Most

I definitely need to work on this. 🙂

Leading with Trust

overwhelmed-350x350Do you feel like you have too many priorities to accomplish at work? Yeah, me too. It seems to be all the rage these days, although I think most of us would rather not be part of this popular cultural trend. Most professionals I speak with struggle with the same sort of issues: the rapid pace of change, tight organizational budgets that force us to do more with less, and trying to encourage the growth and development of our team members in flat organizations with limited mobility.

I took on an increased scope of responsibility this year, and as the year winds down and I reflect on how I invested my time and energy, I’ve realized my focus was diffused over too many competing priorities. It left me a bit unsatisfied with my level of effectiveness, so I want to enter 2017 with a renewed focus on channeling my efforts…

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Energy Balls — My Fibromyalgia Journey Blog

So eating healthy doesn’t have to be boring but when you have limited energy and pain in your joints and muscles, the effort can turn small jobs into big jobs. Being off today and getting delivery of some fresh Medjool dates, I felt the effort needed to make Deliciously Ella’s Pecan pie was perhaps just […]

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Anza Borrego Desert State Park — Travels with Callie

Anza Borrego Desert State Park was named after the 18th century explorer Juan Bautista de Anza and borrego, the spanish word for sheep. ABDSP is the largest state park in California and is home to the Peninsular big horn sheep. I happen to live in Borrego Springs, a small town next to the park, and […]

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Healthy Eating Options for Cyclists — Performance Bicycle Blog

For cyclists who workout once or more than once a day, good nutrition is vital. Here we have put together a mock menu and riding schedule that is chock full of the nutrients that cyclists require throughout the day. It includes pre-ride fill ups, meals, and snack ideas.

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