Just Another Day at the Gym

The gym is the place we go get our bodies in sync to grow and get stronger. I just found out I may be weakening myself and not even knowing it. Check this out, Yuck. Gym Germs and this as well…. How gross is the gym? Thanks Bicycling.com for keeping us up to date and safe.


This article I found very helpful, it came from ROADID. Thought you would like a refresher or an initiation in the Art of Bicycle Protection. Lol. Here is to keeping all our gear safe and ours for all our spring and summer cycling flings. May 9, 2014 Do all Bicycles Weigh Fifty Pounds? Five Tips…

Dreams: Nigel Sylvester

This is an article about a cyclist who dared to dream. Check it out. Story of Nigel Sylvester (BMX)