The Power of Self-Talk

The Deluded Cyclist

Self-talk, simply talking to yourself, is an aspect of cycling which can have positive and negative effects on your performance.

Negative self-talk, saying things to yourself such as “I don’t have the legs today” or “I won’t make it up that hill” can easily become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Positive self-talk, on the other hand, can have a great effect on performance. A recent study showed that positive self-talk can reduce time taken to complete a 10km time trial. The study is nicely summarised here by Yann Le Meur.

Another study showed that positive self-talk can increase time to exhaustion, summarised again by Yann Le Meur here.

Perceived Exertion (how hard an activity feels) is important in endurance sports. Reducing it through positive self-talk is a great way to improve performance. Swapping in a few phrases such as “I’m flying today” “I feel strong” and “My legs feel good” at…

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The Safety in Numbers Effect

Was just thinking of safety.



Does the chance of a cyclist being involved in a fatal accident increase as the number of cyclists on the road increases? The answer may surprise you. While the raw number of cycling fatalities does increase as the number of cyclists on the road increases, the chance that any one of those cyclists is killed is likely to decrease. This negative correlation between the number of cycling fatalities and the number of cyclists on the road is called the safety in numbers effect.

Safety in mumbers

The graph above illustrates the safety in numbers effect by plotting the number of kilometers cycled per inhabitant along with the number of cycling fatalities for every billion kilometers traveled for various countries. The graph is from a research report published by the OECD (Organisation for Economic Co‑operation and Development) titled “Cycling Health and Safety.” The safety in numbers effect generally holds for pedestrians as well as cyclists.

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So Busy….

missed youSorry for my brief absence. I’ve had a whirlwind going on. The storm has calmed to a nice little breeze, now. Hope all is well with you ladies and gents. I’ve been able to do physical therapy. Hips are feeling much better. So, the good news is I’ll be on my bike real soon. Hope within the next week.

velo1Today my mind’s ramblings have been about getting back on the road, the wind in my locks…. But something that happened in my area gave me pause. There was a report on the news a couple days ago that had me thinking of SAFETY!!! A gentleman was riding his bike and was struck by a vehicle and the vehicle fled the scene. I individual left behind an injured person on the side of the road without a thought. This has been on my mind. What are my safety precautions? Is my safety plan enough? I map my rides, inform others of my whereabouts, wear bright clothes and reflective gear,safety gear (helmet, gloves, eye protection, cell phone,etc.) try not to ride at night, I swear by my Road ID Bracelet (there are other options too). Which brings me to this. What do you guys do to insure your safety? What are your safety plans? I would love to hear them.

Which is best… Biking, Swimming, Walking, Running?

move your booty

The last few days while rumbling around doing my daily activities, I’ve been tossing around this ageless question. What is the best exercise for you? Is it biking,swimming, walking, or running? There are groups of people that advocate for each one of these. Being the inquisitive person that I am. I set off on a search to find the best.

Check this out:

This first article is on the lines of what I was thinking. It really depends on individual goals and limitations. Enjoy.

Cycling was the logical choice for me because of my size and preexisting conditions. It puts less pressure on my hips and knees. Plus, the enjoyment of being outside most of the time is awesome. The wind against your cheeks, sun caressing your skin, mmmmm. I do love riding.

On the Road to Recovery

As was mentioned in earlier post, I have been off my bike for a few months. During the recent weeks my doctor has diagnosed me with Bursitis in my hips, bad… We started treatment with physical therapy (going good I think) two weeks ago. Today is the big day though. Today is the day that cortisone or think likes of will be forced in those ohhhh so tender spots. My nerves have the best of me this morning. Hate and fear are such a strong words but in this case necessary to explain the emotions experienced when confronted with a needle. In today’s case two, one for each side. Knowing this will get me on my way to riding as much as I like, I will grin and bare it. The symptoms have been plaguing me for years and I thought it was my weight alone. The pain grew increasingly worse, until it could not be ignored any longer. If any of you have experienced this will you share how you deal with this injury and ride. Bursitis of the Hips I hope this helps someone else that is experiencing the same symptoms to get help determine whether they need to see a doctor. Ride Free.

My First Ride

Beaches & Brie


Lights are off, I can barely see around me. The music is loud and it’s getting more intense by the second. I hear the instructor’s voice encouraging everyone to go harder and harder. I feel the air escaping my lungs, my legs are beat and I’m sweating profusely. I swear I feel like I’m about to collapse, I hold back my tears wondering why would anyone put themselves through this torture. Then just like that, it all ends.

Oh, did I mention this was my first Soul-Cycle class?

Ever since I started working in Manhattan I’ve heard people talk about Soul-Cycle and how it’s amazing and addicting. I usually try not to jump on bandwagons (I still refuse to go watch 50 shades of Grey) but I kept hearing people that were never too fitness-driven raving about these classes and how they were just “different”.

I swear if I could…

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Five Reasons for Cyclists to Utilize Strava

San Luis Obispo Cycling Explorations

As technology claims an increasing role amongst consumers, an appealing and interactive application, for cyclists, is Strava.

The simplistic Strava logo. Photo credit: Singletrack World. The simplistic Strava logo. Photo credit: Singletrack World.

Strava provides an array of neat features, for cyclists, to document and share personal workouts, while searching for new routes.

While it is considered a popular online site, Strava is also an application, for mobile devices. Listed below are five reasons to download Strava today.

Strava is serving a purpose, for a variety of athletes. Photo credit: DC Rainmaker. Strava is serving a purpose, for a variety of athletes. Photo credit: DC Rainmaker.

1. Information Recording.

With the use of a modern smartphone and the Strava application, Strava records information, in real time, as a workout is occurring.

Recording workout information is interesting, especially for cyclists interested in tracking progress.

2. Ride Sharing.

Strava, as an interactive application, allows cyclists to upload ride files and share workout details with connections.

As stated in previous…

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How to choose a bike

Thank you. I too have been thinking about a new bike. I will be watching for responses as I have the same questions.

Eliza Middleton

bikes26, 27.5, or 29?

Tubes or tubeless?


Single or double chain ring?

Women’s specific or unisex?

Fox or Rockshox?

Hard tail or dualie?

A multitude of questions and to start with it can be incredibly overwhelming. When you want to invest in a bike, and not just a bike to rock around town on, but one you want to give back to you when you ride, you should try things out and learn what you can.

I’ve tried the full range of wheel sizes – personally I find the 26er a whip and a total weapon with tight corners and the most amazing fun to flick around corners. My first attempt at a 29er was poorly matched, the frame size was too big and as such the bike felt too out of control for me. Since then, I tried again in Hawaii and I felt like a demon! That…

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