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Are you suffering from Tour de France withdrawal?

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With the Tour de France of 2015 now just a memory, for many of us cycling fans a huge gaping chasm has been left behind which, if we’re not careful, it would be easy to fill with all manner of unsavoury activities; watching football, for example, or heavy drinking.

After spending three weeks watching a few dozen skinny men slog their way around France enduring increasing levels of physical and mental distress, it’s important to ease your way back into your family and work life gradually, to ward off the worst of the withdrawal symptoms.

Froome in charge, with waggly elbows (Image: Filip Bossuyt via Wikimedia cc) Froome in charge, with waggly elbows
(Image: Filip Bossuyt via Wikimedia cc)

So, for example, as you go back to work you may find that your surroundings seem quiet and colourless, and unaccompanied by the rambling commentary which has become so reassuring over the past three weeks (although this does depend on your place of…

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Hang on – I’m catching up!


I’m getting ready to start my third cycle of treatment.  Because I’m not an incredibly good time manager and I’m a full time mom, full time attorney, full time cancer patient, and trying to be a full time cyclist (but have neither the skills nor the time to build them) – I can’t seem to work in full time writing.  So, in those moments between all the other things, I write fervently – on legal pads in court or tapping on my computer when I’m distracted at the office – or sometimes I just keep the words in my head until it’s time to put them down in some usable form.  I’ve finally managed to eek out almost all of the events of the 2d week of my 2d cycle – the third infusion.  Thanks, as always, for your patience and for continuing to read.  For whatever reason, I feel…

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La Course 2015

The racing was awesome from what I can tell. Didn’t get to see it. I fully support women’s racing, and hope to be able to get in shape to ride in a few. I think that would be so fun. It is my ultimate goal. This ladies endure, persevere, and work extremely hard. Qualities that I admire. Congrats to all women riders. Ride on. Check out the following site to see some of the action from yesterday.

USA ProChallenge gear is now available. Race is a month away. Get Ready

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AUGUST 17-23, 2015
PEARL IZUMI & USA PRO CHALLENGE ANNOUNCE GROUNDBREAKING YEAR-ROUND PARTNERSHIP “Pearl Izumi has been an exceptional partner since day one of the Pro Challenge, as the official provider of our race jerseys,” said Shawn Hunter, CEO of USA Pro Challenge. “We have no doubt that in this expanded role their designs for the entire Pro Challenge merchandise line will be a huge hit with our fans. We are extremely pleased that Pearl Izumi decided take on this exciting new role with us.




Host City Highlight: Arapahoe Basin
Join A-Basin’s two-day festival of concerts, camping and cycling on Monday, August 17 and…

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Keeping my bike clean.

Bike Like Crazy

DSC00937My bike gets really dirty, really fast. Especially on rainy days. And, since my bike is light-colored every bit of dirt, sand, grass and snail (yup, I find snail parts on my frame all the time) shows up beautifully. So I have gotten in the habit of washing my bike a lot. I wash her down every time after a rainy ride and a couple times a week otherwise.

I use the same basic routine shown in this GCN video although I don’t use WD40 as my lube. I must admit I am three times slower than Simon, but I am getting faster the more I do it.

I don’t have a hose outside so after I have scrubbed down my bike I run it up the stairs and stick in my bathtub to rinse it off. My mom did not believe that I gave my bike a shower in the…

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