Are you suffering from Tour de France withdrawal?

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With the Tour de France of 2015 now just a memory, for many of us cycling fans a huge gaping chasm has been left behind which, if we’re not careful, it would be easy to fill with all manner of unsavoury activities; watching football, for example, or heavy drinking. After…

In the Beginning

I’ve been trying to find out how to begin training rather than just riding. I’m a long way from my goals but I need direction.Help!  🙂  


La Course 2015 The racing was awesome from what I can tell. Didn’t get to see it. I fully support women’s racing, and hope to be able to get in shape to ride in a few. I think that would be so fun. It is my ultimate goal. This ladies endure, persevere, and work extremely…

Keeping my bike clean.

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My bike gets really dirty, really fast. Especially on rainy days. And, since my bike is light-colored every bit of dirt, sand, grass and snail (yup, I find snail parts on my frame all the time) shows up beautifully. So I have gotten in the habit of washing my bike…